• UMGC earned Clean Corporate Citizens Certification through the Michigan Department of Environment Quality in July 2015.  We joined Radrick Farms as the only two golf courses in the state to do so.

• Scott Rockov, Superintendent of the University of Michigan Golf Course, earned certification in the e-par Environmental Management System Certified Professional program.

• UMGC is certified in the Michigan Turfgrass Environmental Stewardship Program (MTESP). This certification involved implementing practices which reduce pollution, limit energy consumption, and protect the surrounding watershed. The MTESP certification aligns well with Michigan Athletics’ long term sustainability goals, some of which include water conservation and stream protection

• Partner in the Washtenaw County Community Partners for Clean Streams Program

• Clubhouse operations earned Planet Blue’s Platinum level for Sustainable Workplace at the University of Michigan, 2013

• Golf Course earned 1st Place in Waste Reduction in the 2013 Recycling Champions competition for Planet Blue.

• In coordination with U-M Athletics‘ sustainability goals in 2012, increased naturalized areas by 20 acres, approximately the size of 15 football fields

• Striving to meet President Mary Sue Coleman’s 2025 campus sustainability goals with waste reduction, 50 percent of waste from football game day parking at the golf course was recycled in the 2012 season

• In line with Michigan Athletics’ waste reduction and recycling initiatives, the golf course composted all organic matter from the golf course and soccer grounds

• UMGC strives for environmental sustainability through the use of moisture meters and a variable frequency drive pump station for more precise water application




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